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you decided to marry the person whom you love and to share the adventures of life together.

A wedding is a very personal event and you deserve to have the wedding that suits you and your personality. If you are planning a small, big, traditional, LGBT or an unconventional wedding, I will be there to help you find the “You style” that brings out the best of you and which highlights the wonderful person you are. 


A free consultation before your trial will give us the chance to discuss your hopes and wishes. I will create a private Pinterest mood board with all the information we have collected, to visualise a picture of your wedding and to help to create your perfect style.



At your trial

I highly recommend a trial before the wedding day, in order to try out different options, answer all of your questions and to give me a chance to customize your chosen style to your hair length and structure, so that  on your wedding day, we will both be confident in what we’re doing and you can relax and enjoy your morning.

If you have already decided on hair accessories or veils, bring them to your trial. If not, please don't worry as I will help you to find the right one.


Photographs will be taken and added to your private Pinterest mood board to replicate this look on your wedding day.

On your wedding day

The preparation morning is part of your big day and should be a pleasant experience with lovely memories to look back upon.

The schedule will be planned and organized for a smooth procedure and a relaxed atmosphere, to ensure that you receive the happy time you deserve.

I will be with you until your ceremony to guarantee that you look fantastic for your photos and reception. 

Price List


Bride                       £60

Mums & Maids       £30

Wedding day

Bride                                     £75

Mums & Maids                    £30 - £50

Flower girls (up to age 12) £15

50p per mile from HU3 

Male styling, Bride & Bride package and destination weddings on request

Terms &Conditions

At the time of booking, Edelweiss Vintage Hair will include a link to these terms and conditions.



  • You: The recipient of the service and name listed on the booking form.

  • Edelweiss Vintage Hair: Michaela Beardshaw at Edelweiss Vintage Hair.

  • The agreement: The contract that exists between Edelweiss Vintage Hair (otherwise referred to as ‘Michaela Beardshaw’) for the agreed fee.

  • Wedding day: Relates in principle to the date whereby the event,(i.e. The wedding date) takes place.

  • The Party: Additional members of the bridal party.


The trial


A mutually convenient time will be arranged between the parties. Trials will take place at your chosen location, your home or a friend’s/relatives’ home. Please allow between 60-90 minutes for your trial. If you require a 2nd trial, another date and time will be arranged at an additional cost.


Once you are happy with the chosen wedding hairstyle, Edelweiss Vintage Hair will ensure that a detailed record of all the products used in the trial are recorded for her own personal use and photos are taken to your personal Instagram pin board.


It may be occasionally necessary for Edelweiss Vintage Hair to deviate from the precise designs agreed at the trial. Edelweiss Vintage Hair may also need to deviate due to changes in your own hair or when the addition of added hair is present.


The booking

Edelweiss Vintage Hair will hold your date for a period of 14 days from the booking form link being issued by Edelweiss Vintage Hair. It is your responsibility to complete the booking form within this time and pay the booking fee of £50.

Once this is completed Edelweiss Vintage Hair services are reserved. If not completed in time then you could lose your date to another inquiry. All invoices are subject to change if additional services are required.


Application of hair products

It is your responsibility to notify Edelweiss Vintage Hair of any health complaints, skin complaint or sensitivity to any parts of your face, body or hair that you are aware of at any time that the application of any product is due to commence. It is also your responsibility to ensure that any members of your hair party requiring hair service by Edelweiss Vintage Hair have notification of the same.


Edelweiss Vintage Hair reserves the right to refuse to apply any products to any person whom she suspects of suffering from a health or skin complaint or sensitivity.



​Payment is taken in 3 stages.

Stage 1 - Booking

A £50 ​Booking fee must be paid within two weeks of your invoice email being sent, this will save your date. The booking fee will be deducted from the total bill. It is non refundable.


Stage 2 - The trial

 The trial cost is due on the trial date.

Stage 3 - Final payment

 You will receive a copy of your booking form at your trial. This will detail your remaining balance, which is due 2 weeks before the wedding date.


If members of your bridal party are making payment for hair services, it is the bride's responsibility to collect payment and forward it at the same time as the final balance is paid. 


If the final balance isn't paid in full, Edelweiss Vintage Hair reserves the right to not attend and to not provide a hair service.


Any payments made must be followed up by the person booking with an email. Edelweiss Vintage Hair will confirm receipt via email.


If a trial is not required then I will email the booking form.


Accepted payments are via: Cash, PayPal or Bank Transfer.


Cancellation and amendments by you

 Any decrease to your bridal party numbers or booking must be completed no later than 4 weeks before your wedding or event. These changes may incur a minimum daily charge. If these changes are made after this time, then the full payment will be required. 

If you wish to increase your party’s number or an adjustment in the ceremony, then this has to be confirmed and agreed in writing via email to ensure that additional time is available and additional payment made.


You reserve the right to cancel your wedding day hair at any point prior to your wedding day. Please note that the following charges will apply:


  • Your booking fee is non refundable unless Edelweiss Vintage Hair has to cancel.

  • Four weeks or less before your wedding - balance due in full 


Cancellation by EV Hair wedding hair

In the unlikely event that EV Hair is unable to attend your booking due to sickness, injury, personal emergency or any other circumstances beyond her control, then you will receive a full refund of monies paid, less the trial cost.


Mileage/travel cost

Edelweiss Vintage Hair will give you a personalised travel quote. You will be quoted based on the trial/wedding day location. 

Edelweiss Vintage Hair is based in Hull, but works nationwide.

All parking costs incurred at any trials and on the reserved date will be added to the bill, these will usually be pre listed in the booking form first, any parking costs or restrictions outside your home/venue need to be made known in advance.

Edelweiss Vintage Hair will give you a personalised quote for destination weddings.



At the trial, Edelweiss Vintage Hair will take pictures of the finished hairstyle and then add them to your personal Pinterest mood board. Edelweiss Vintage Hair will also take pictures on the wedding day of the hairstyle. These pictures may or may not be used on Edelweiss Vintage Hair website, as part of a show reel, which may or may not be used on Instagram, Facebook or any other advertising which Edelweiss Vintage Hair undertakes. By signing these terms and conditions you are confirming that you have no objection to your photos being used in this way. If you object to your pictures being used, please inform Edelweiss Vintage Hair, accordingly.

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